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In March, we started preparing the building plot for construction. And immediately we had a problem to solve.


There is a retaining wall on the building site, 80 cm within the boundary. A decision by the project developer, who had not informed the owners about this. The project developer is a horticulturalist from the area, who sees it as an investment and has no further knowledge of the business. He hired a professional for this, with perhaps knowledge of the matter, but who is not too concerned about the truth and ethics.

This has caused major problems and disagreements. Due to the neighbours’ objections to the zoning plan, the project developer has made commitments (sometimes in black and white) to local residents that go completely against the legal ownership situation.

The plot in Terheijden

Ultimately opted for the construction of A home for Taraxacum, and was immediately enthusiastic.

Ton Damen

Below is a progress report of the work and perspective of the construction team members:

Ton Damen, the client (The Taraxacum Foundation):

Finally started after long deliberations: sell the lot, build yourself, build for the children. Ultimately opted for the construction of A home for Taraxacum, and was immediately very enthusiastic. All other homes on the site have now been completed and are almost all inhabited. The municipality is paving. So everyone is glad we started. Now we hope for a quick granting of the environmental permit and successful construction. We are ready!

Arjen Aarnoudse, architect (The Way We Build):

It took some getting used to in the beginning, designing with this unconventional construction team: a driven but unpredictable client, who usually accelerates, but can also suddenly step on the brakes, and always has new ideas. A contractor who was sceptical at first, but then perhaps became too enthusiastic. And an art director from Taraxacum who will be intensively involved in the interior design, because part of the art collection must also be given a place. And the interior and the furniture and the behaviour of the residents must also become circular. So a very complicated program of requirements for me and my engineer. But it looks like we can pull it off together. We work together as a construction team, super motivated and flawlessly. Very inspiring.

I hope to have the environmental permit application ready for submission this month.

Wouter Wingelaar, contractor (RWS Bouw)

On March 24, 2023, we started preparing the building site for construction. The Japanese Knotweed grows on the back part, so we shouldn’t be allowed on the property at all. But so far everyone has turned a blind eye to this, and – with the permission of the municipality – cheerfully drove around the site, moved soil and removed soil. The construction team has decided to leave the area where the Japanese Knotweed grows undisturbed and to fight the plant professionally and according to the protocol before construction, during construction and after construction. In our case with a thermal lance with which we frequently attack the knotweed and thus exhaust it.