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A home for Taraxacum


  • Terheijden, The Netherlands




In progress


  • The Taraxacum Foundation


  • The Way We Build


  • RSW Bouw

A home for co-living, research, and shared knowledge

Imagine a home that prioritizes sustainable building and living principles, designed to promote collaborative research and knowledge-sharing. This unique space fosters a research environment fuelled by creativity, where individuals from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of expertise come together to seek innovative and sustainable solutions that can accelerate the built environment. The residence features student facilities, meeting rooms and a garden, providing an ideal environment for co-living, collaboration and research.

Collaborating for a sustainable future, in a home built for co-living and research.

Ton Damen



The home of Taraxacum is envisioned as a showcase house that embraces sustainable and future-proof possibilities. This hybrid residence is the result of a collaborative effort between The Taraxacum Foundation, The Way We Build, and RSW Bouw who share a common ambition to create a nature-inclusive space that not only serves as a home but also as a hub for research, collaboration, and sharing knowledge. By implementing innovative and sustainable practices, the home of Taraxacum aims to inspire and set an example for nature-inclusive buildings.

A sustainable home

Hybrid showcase house within currently available sustainable and future-proof possibilities.


New way of collaboration

Example of a partnership between client-architect-contractor with shared ambition.


Multi-functional & flexible

A house for co-living, research, collaboration, and sharing knowledge.


Sustainable living principles

From interior design to product choices and living. We prioritize sustainability to reduce our impact on the environment.


Axonometry of the home for Taraxacum


A home for Taraxacum

If you’re interested in obtaining more background information on A home for Taraxacum, including insights, goals, sustainable themes, and challenges, we invite you to download our workbook (17 MB).


Our most important building themes for a sustainable construction.

Carbon-based design icon

Carbon based design

How can we make our building Paris 2030 Proof? How do we calculate our remaining CO2 budget?

Energy neutral icon

Energy neutral

We build energy independent and participate in local sustainable energy projects to increase our impact.

Circular economy icon

Circular economy

By tackling the challenges together, idealism becomes realism. Sustainable building becomes our large-scale reality.

Demountable building icon

Demountable building

To increase function adaptation and second-life potential. To limit unsustainable on-site operations.

Local materials icon

Local materials

Local materials, recycled components and demountable construction characterize our building’s identity.

Rain proof icon

Rain proof

Is our building ready for the next heat wave and our garden for the next downpour? We try.

Nature inclusive icon

Nature inclusive

We are extreme when it comes to nature-inclusive building. Nature has incredible value and makes us happier and healthier.

Bio-based materials icon

Biobased materials

Our aim for net-zero emissions requires us to store CO2, making use of bio-based materials essential.


If you share our vision and believe you can contribute to this project, we invite you to contact us.


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